Credit Assessment

A Credit Assessment is a credit rating provided for private and confidential use by an issuer. An Credit Assessment is assigned by following ARC Ratings’ rating methodologies regarding such issuer or specific issue.

ARC Ratings assigns a range of notations to an entity or issue for strictly private and confidential use (up to three notches for a medium and long term rating).

Like all other services offered by ARC Ratings, an Credit Assessment:

  • has to be solicited by an issuer / analysed entity;
  • is based on a minimum level of information as deemed necessary by ARC Ratings; and
  • has an absolute guarantee of confidentiality.


The credit assessment may be converted into a public rating, if requested by the issuer. The cost for such public rating will be discounted by the cost for the credit assessment as long as  the public rating process commences within six months following the conclusion of the credit assessment process.



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