ARC Publishes Global Project Finance Rating Criteria

London, 22 November, 2019 - ARC Ratings has published its Global Project Finance Rating Criteria. This is an update to the methodology published on 22 November 2018. This methodology can be accessed at

ARC’s Global Project Finance Rating Criteria (the “Criteria”) applies to the long-term financing of assets for a single-purpose and are structured so that they are non-recourse to the project owner or any other party. However, these Criteria may apply to either non-recourse or limited recourse project financing. Typically, Project Finance assets may include electricity or power generation and/or distribution, as well as infrastructure and transportation projects. ARC will publish separate criteria to address renewable energy projects such as wind and solar power, which should be read in conjunction with this Criteria.

This report provides an overview of how Project Finance transactions are analysed. The Criteria apply globally, although each individual country, with its own specific country risk factors, and individual transactions may give cause for additional observations or deviations, which will be disclosed in the transaction-specific reports.

Whilst Project Finance transactions may be analysed by ARC’s structured finance team, Project Finance ratings do not carry the (sf) modifier.

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