Regulatory Disclosures

Ancillary Services

ARC Ratings list of ancillary services

In addition to rating services, ARC Ratings also provides Credit Assessments and also occasionally analytical services based on its risk analysis expertise to entities that do not have financial commitments subject to credit rating by ARC Ratings.

Ratings Publication 

ARC Ratings’ policy regarding the publication of its credit ratings and other related communications

ARC Ratings will issue a press release and / or a public rating report to support its rating rationale and simultaneously release the rating and outlook on its website ( Such information will also be electronically distributed to individuals and entities that are registered with ARC Ratings. However, such electronic distribution is strictly complementary to the publication on the website and will occur simultaneously or subsequent to ARC Ratings’ public release of all relevant information on its website.


In addition to these forms of dissemination there is also the mentioning of ARC Ratings’ assigned ratings in the media or by its users (including in prospectuses and related information), in specialized publications in the dissemination of credit ratings and, in aggregate form, in the database created by the European Securities and Markets Authority (designated Central Repository - CEREP).


ARC Ratings will use the same means of disclosure with regard to changes to assigned ratings and outlooks, changes to the methodologies, models, key assumptions and procedures used in the activity of assigning credit ratings as well as rating changes that may be the consequence of the previous.


ARC Ratings also publicly discloses ratings that were withdrawn as well as the reason(s) for such withdrawal.


Financial Compensation

ARC Ratings’ financial compensation policy

The amount charged by ARC Ratings to the issuer for the assignment of a rating is established on a case-by-case basis. It depends essentially on the expected amount of analytical work necessary to arrive at a rating decision and the supporting documents and takes into account the complexity of the issuer’s business as well as a full assessment of the sector(s) in which the issuer operates.


Unsolicited Ratings

ARC Ratings does not exclude the possibility of assigning unsolicited credit ratings. If it does so, the unsolicited ratings will be clearly identified as such, and ARC Ratings will establish and disclose the methodologies and procedures used for the purpose. ARC Ratings will also disclose if the entity whose commitments were rated or a related entity participated in the rating process and whether ARC Ratings had access to internal information from those entities.

Changes in Systems, Resources and Procedures 

Any material changes to ARC Ratings’ Systems, Resources and Procedures

Nothing to report.


Conflicts of Interest


Any conflicts of interest, actual or potential, referred to in point 1 of Section B of Annex I to Regulation (EC) No 1060/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 16 September 2009.


Nothing to report.





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