Ownership Structure

ARC Ratings' subsidiaries are wholly owned by ARC Ratings Holdings Limited, which, in turn, has five shareholders:


  • Enigma Investment Holdings Limited - UK.


Only one domestic credit rating agency from a country may be a member of ARC Ratings.


Apart from the domestic credit rating agencies shareholders, strategic investors may also become shareholders of ARC Ratings Holdings Limited, under the precondition that a conflict of interest can be effectively avoided. Strategic investors must be approved by shareholders holding at least two-thirds of the voting share capital. All prospective new shareholders must meet stringent qualification requirements as provided in ARC Ratings Shareholders Agreement.

ARC Ratings Holdings Limited Board of Directors shall have a minimum of 5 members. Each shareholder is entitled to appoint one of its senior executive members as a director of the company as long as it has a minimum 10% equity stake in the company. 



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