The user of the information posted on ARC Ratings’ website noted and accepts the following terms and conditions of use: 

  • all rights, including intellectual property, on the information contained in ARC Ratings’ website are reserved according to law;
  • ARC Ratings take all actions within its power to ensure that the information contained on its website is correct and updated; however, the contents are made available to the user via telecommunications networks, for whose transmission errors or technical deficiencies ARC Ratings cannot be held liable.

Regarding the ratings that are posted on ARC Ratings website the user noted that:

  • ratings assigned by ARC Ratings represent opinions on the capacity and willingness of an entity to make all required payments on a given obligation in a timely manner;
  • ARC Ratings assigns solicited and unsolicited ratings, clearly distinguishing which are unsolicited;
  • prior to the assignment or revision of a rating, ARC Ratings provides to the entity whose financial commitments are being rated the documents that substantiate the rating to be attributed; the entity is thus given the opportunity to clarify or correct factual details, thus allowing the rating assigned to be as accurate as possible; the comments made by the entity whose financial commitments are being rated are taken into account by ARC Ratings in the assignment of the rating;
  • ratings do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell, but only one of the factors to be weighed by investors;
  • throughout the entire period during which ratings are valid, ARC Ratings monitors the issuer’s performance on a constant basis (unless the ratings are point in time), and may even bring forward the date of the review; hence, prior to an investor using a rating, ARC Ratings recommends that it be confirmed, namely by consulting the liste of public ratings available on the website www.arcpratings.com;
  • ratings are assigned based on information, which may include confidential information, collected from a wide group of sources, which may include the entity whose financial commitments are subject to rating; ARC Ratings uses and treats this information with due care and attention; although all due care was taken in the collection, cross-checking and processing of the information for the purposes of the rating analysis, ARC Ratings cannot be held liable for its accuracy; ARC Ratings must make sure that the information has a minimum level of quality prior to assigning a rating based on such information;
  • ARC Ratings maintains, at all times, the editorial control of its publications relating to credit ratings assigned, and the right at any time to change or discontinue these ratings or their outlooks;
  • in the rating process, ARC Ratings adopts procedures and methodologies aimed at ensuring transparency, credibility and independence, and also that rating classifications are not influenced by situations of conflict of interests; any exceptions to these principles are disclosed by ARC Ratings together with the rating classification of the financial commitment in question.


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